Imperial Chue-Style feng shui ® techniques master large spaces. It is the “great Feng Shui”.

The expertise provides advice on how to organise the city, improve a neighbourhood and its shops, housing lots or residences. Above is a first draft dedicated to thinking about the development of a building lot.

Uptemiz enriches neighbourhood improvement projects. The houses and residences are designed according to precise rules to bring balance, prosperity and harmony to the area.

Feng Shui is an adaptive art

While always taking into account the existing parameters, the Feng Shui techniques also aim at correcting, stimulating and optimizing them.

The expert’s role is to gauge the influence exerted by the urban environment on the life of city dwellers.


Here is an example of an entrance which needs to be corrected for an optimal use of the premises. One of the recommended remedies: clear the space in front of it!

Obstacle qui empêche l'énergie de passer

Château - Préfecture

Special attention is paid to the functions of buildings and the topology of the landscape, so that they can be properly laid out or reorganized.

Respect for nature and the environment is given top priority, and the livability and functionality of the premises are optimized.

Vue depuis les toitsThe overall objective is to ensure that the city is organized so that it can offer the best living conditions, with efficient and profitable stores, and lively, attractive and congenial neighbourhoods